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Terms of Contract

Please provide an itemized list of what you are bringing in to consign complete with your name and ID#. If you do not have your ID # we will add it at the time of drop off.

Trove Décor will display your items for a total of 10 weeks. You will receive 40% of the selling price for items sold under 200.00; 50% for items sold over $200.00. You can check your account anytime by visiting Select “Canada”, select “Trove Décor” from the drop- down menu and enter your consignor ID # and last name. Now you can view your items on-line and see if you are owed any money. Trove Décor will not contact you regarding the status of your account (after 10 weeks your items will not be available to view on my resale web). All consigned items are subject to be included in sales up to 25% off the initial price indicated.

Payouts on your account may be made at any-time upon request. For payouts under $100.00 we will pay you in cash and for payouts over $100.00 we will write you a cheque which requires 48 hours’ notice to the store. After your 10 week contract you can choose to donate any unsold items. If you DO NOT wish to donate, you will have 1 week from your contract end date to arrange pick-up. ** Please mark this date in your calendar as Trove Décor will not contact you as a reminder.** Any items not picked up in this time frame will automatically BE DONATED.

Trove Décor will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

We thank you for choosing to consign with TROVE DÉCOR.

Owners: Lisa Hampel